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  • I have been in the online business world for more than five years now and year after year my business has been growing, to the point that now, I have three office nationwide as well as five distribution centers. Therefore, you can imagine that a lot of people ask me for advice about internet promotion, search engine rankings, website optimization, and how to expand a business.

    One of the many times that I have been asked about search engine optimization was about six months ago, when I was at a family gathering, where my cousin announced that he recently launched a website through which he would be selling hair and skin care products. So, I asked him how his business was, and not to my surprise he told me that his search engine rankings were low and that he needed to get more traffic to his website.

    After hearing this gloomy situation, I knew that my cousin would soon be asking me for advice about internet promotion, web site optimization, internet marketing, SEO firms, and for information about related topics.

    I would like to mention here, that I could be making a lot of money as a consultant about search engine optimization, choosing the right search engine optimization company, and hiring an SEO that can help get more visitors to websites. However, due to the fact that I am financially well, thank God, I offer my advice about search engine optimization free of charge to friends and family members. Internet Marketing Articles & Resources: